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Something to
  Think About!


Does the World get you down?

Are you overwhelmed when you think about how the World is going?

GIVE your worries and concerns to God in prayer, allow him to take that burden. Find strength in the fact that God speaks of many bad events to happen in the world. These are only clear signs that the Lords return is coming.

Remember God wants the best for his children and sometimes that means going through bad things. But with God you can find peace in trouble times!

Don't waste your life thinking about what you can not control, instead give it to someone who can - GOD. Instead focus on your self-control, kindness, helping others and being a good example. Then God can use you for others to see a better place and a better way.

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Bookmark us and come back in 6 months. God willing we will have a new website with some cool things.

Welcome! It's my deepest prayer that God use this site to share his love, comfort and understanding. We all can have the peace and warmth of God in our hearts, if we seek it. God's son Jesus Christ paid in FULL for all our sins, believing in Christ gives us eternal life and the right to be Children of God. Be prepared for a great journey when you accept Jesus in your life! Since I accept Christ, I have experienced so many wonderful and breathtaking things. My heart fills with such joy knowing that I am not alone in this world. The warmth and beauty of this world is because God loves us and gave us a way to become better people.

"Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life, but whoever rejects the Son will not see life, for God's wrath remains on him" John 3:36

My personal journey has been mixed with all kinds of emotion; joyous, sad, fun and stressful! But I would not change it for anything. Along with the good comes bad. For if we did not learn or experience bad how would we know what is good. God created us to be thinking and learning individuals that have a CHOICE to accept Jesus or not. I never want to push what I believe on others. But only share what is making a difference in my life. I can say that I back slide once in a while, but I have to remember that I am a work in process and God is not finish with me yet. To just go thru life living is not good enough, but to pursue life with reason is everything.

I hope you enjoy this website - it is an effort of many people who share the same feelings as I. God is the purpose of our lives and we are truly blessed because of his love and promise to us when we are good and when we don't deserve it. If you don't know God and not sure that he even exist - I challenge you! Bow your head and ask for him to show himself to you. "You'll find God if you seek him with all your heart!"

Remember Christians are not perfect people. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise - if there was such a thing of being perfect then why would God needed to send his son Jesus to die for our sins!

God Bless and Remember God Loves You!,

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